Longline Bras - 5 Tips To Consider Before Buying

Published: 13th August 2009
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Many women are looking to add a longline bra to their wardrobe due to the recent popularity of the product. Newer models of longlines are much more comfortable and can provide excellent support. That said, it can be frustrating choosing an appropriate style due to the many choices available.

Buying a longline bra is similar to buying anything else - learn as much as you can, know the choices, and be prepared. This article will present some helpful tips on picking a longline bra.

1. Decide on Styles and Features First - are you looking for a posture bra, lingerie, or maybe a plus size bra? In terms of features - do you prefer strapless or with straps, front/rear closure, or backless. Are you picky about the fabric you wear? Research the options and make a list of what you need.

2. Know Your Body Type - your body shape or type may affect the kind of longline bra you are able to wear. If you have a larger frame, you should consider a plus size bra with straps or posture support panels. If you are smaller or have small breasts, consider athletic fit bras and fabrics that can also enhance your bust.

3. Get Professionally Fitted - we strongly recommend you get fitted at the local bra or lingerie shop if possible. Longline bras cover much more body area so fitting can be tricky for some people. The store reps can also make suggestions on styles and features based on your shopping requirements and body type.

Bra Sizing Notes - be sure the strap is comfortable yet firm. A poorly fitted strap can be very annoying long term. For the cup area, it should not wrinkle or fold in (too big) nor should your breasts come over the top (too small). Finally, the center of the bra should lie firmly on your breastbone - no looseness.

Fit with Sample Clothes - if at all feasible bring along the clothes you will wear with the longline bra (or something close in terms of fit and feel). You will then have a better idea of comfort and appearance. Many longline bras can be unflattering with certain clothes!

Finally, definitely shop around - it is more of a general common sense shopping tip, but it is especially true for longline bras. You will have a good chance of finding a bra that is carried by many online stores such as JCPenny, Amazon, and a host of other bra-only shops. The prices can vary wildly so look for a great deal. In most cases, simply enter the bra model number into Google for lots of results.

In summary, determine your needs, get a proper fitting (if possible), and get the best deal you can. We hope this article was useful in helping you find a longline bra.

To find more longline bra information, please visit us at LonglineBra.net. This includes an article on Types of Longline Bras.

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